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Strategic Advisory Services

With a seasoned team of experienced professionals, REH Capital Partners provides our clients with specialized real estate and hospitality advisory services in the areas of  real estate strategy, litigation support, high level strategic business consulting, performance improvement, economic analysis and corporate real estate services.  


Real Estate Strategy

REH is widely recognized and highly experienced in assisting clients with the development of enterprise-wide real estate strategies.  Whether dealing with small portfolios of real estate assets or thousands of assets within multi-billion dollar global asset portfolios, REH has helped clients realize untapped values in real estate holdings, improve operating performance, and opportunistically dispose of unproductive assets.  Our experience includes portfolio holdings of hotels, restaurants, land, headquarter and supportive facilities, office buildings, apartments, and industrial facilities.

Workouts and Insolvency

REH assists clients in working out problem loans and investments and  provides high level real estate and hospitality industry expertise to debtor companies and committees of  equity interests and creditors in bankruptcy actions and restructurings.

Litigation Support

Our team has extensive experience in providing expert testimony in matters pertaining to real estate and hospitality finance, operations, management contracts, market analysis, budgets, projections, valuations, and estimation of damages.  We frequently support counsel in development of case strategies, conduct industry-wide and business specific research and analysis, as well as oversee the work of other professionals in litigation support assignments.

Strategic Consulting

REH selectively takes on high-level strategy and business planning assignments to assess key business drivers, avenues of revenue growth and profitability, market entry studies, organizational assessments, and financial planning with particular strength and capability in strategic planning for hospitality related enterprises.

Performance Improvement

We have a "no nsense" approach to identifying, designing and executing asset turn-around strategies and plans for enterprise performance improvement.  Our experienced professionals follow a multi-step process for designing performance improvement strategies drawing on our over 100 years of collective industry experience.

Sourcing Brand, Management, and Other Project Participants

REH has extensive capability, contacts and experience in assisting clients in sourcing, evaluating, selecting, and negotiating brand affiliations, management, co-developers, and other project participants.  Our partners have reviewed and negotiated virtually hundreds of franchise and management agreements on behalf of clients, and are well versed in the nuances of various types of agreements, fee structures and mechanisms for mitigating risks.

Project Planning Services

We frequently assist clients in assessing the merits of project development and formulating plans for the most expeditious and cost effective approach to project development and financing.  Our capabilities go far beyond typical market assessments and include assisting clients in determining the optimum mix of land uses from an economic perspective, as well assisting in determination of the optimum capital structure for a project.

Economic Analysis

Our capability to synthesize significant amounts of market, operational, and financial information into meaningful financial presentations allows REH to be a valuable resource to our clients involved in project analysis, valuations, projections and financial analyses.  We further add value by applying our extensive industry knowledge and experience in helping our clients interpret results for prudent decision making. 

Corporate Real Estate Services

Today as never before, real estate managers are tasked with improving space utilization, operating efficiency and internal customer service. REH in collaboration with alliance partner Capstan Advisors provides our clients with ideas, analytics and insights on best practices to transform their real estate and facilities organizations to meet the unique needs of the core organizations they support.  We help clients achieve new levels of productivity from their real estate assets, business processes and strategic partner relationships.